BBQ ribs
 beef chow mei fun
 boneless spare rib
 cheese wonton
 chicken bean sprout
 chicken broccoli
 chicken cashew nut
 chicken chow fun
 chicken chow mein
 chicken wing with fried rice
 egg drop soup
 fantail shrimp
 Fried baby shrimp
 fried donuts
 fried dumplings
 fried wonton
 happy family
 kung pao shrimp
 lemon chicken
 ma po tofu
 Moo Goo Gai Pan
 moo shu chicken
 pepper steak with onion
 pork egg roll
 seafood soup
 sesame chicken
 sesame tofu
 shrimp toast
 shrimp with broccoli
 shrimp with mix veg
 spring roll
 steamed dumpling
 sweet sour shrimp
 Terriyaki beef sticks
 vegetable bean curd soup
 wonton soup
 hot sour soup
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